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Released: July 4th, 1998
Generes: Rock, Music, Pop, Adult Alternative, Alternative
Label: The Push Stars

Cranking into the E Street rocker "Cross Town Cafe," the Push Stars (with special guest star Emily Weber of EverSinceDayOne on sax) kick off their anxiously awaited second album. It was so anxiously awaited, in fact, that the band opted for a seven-song EP as opposed to a full-length follow-up to their Imago debut Meet Me at the Fair. Though only half as long as their debut, the album delivers the same mix of intelligent writing, full, well-balanced orchestration, and fun. From the calm and loving ballad "Ocean View" to the coherent play of "Meet Me at the Fair" and the percussive grooves of "Counting the Minutes," this EP packs it all in. It's no wonder the band is such a favorite or why their fans were so hungry for a second release. Combining award-winning songwriter Chris Trapper's varied six-string styles and mostly tuneful vocals with the solid and steady rhythm section of drummer Ryan MacMillan and bassist/keyboardist/engineer Dan McLoughlin, the Stars appear to be on the rise.

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